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"I would describe my style as completely different every day. I love color. I love being bold. I’m excited by change and by shocking people."

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Happy Birthday Florence

Today is Florence Pugh day and a big happy birthday to her.

This puppy turns 26 today. Another lap around the sun. Another day to wear FANTASTIC CHUNKY SHOES.
My older sister told me last night, “it just gets better and better”, I remember that not really meaning much when I was younger. But it is magical how with each year you grow you actually begin to slow, speed up again, slow down again, soften, understand your brain, understand your anxieties, understand why you are the way that you are and just slowly begin to be okay with it.
26 years of an unbelievable amount of incredible special people who have taught me, loved me, educated me. Some still here, some not.
We are made of all the things and places and people and art and movies and books and scripts and songs and food and shoes (personal one ;)… each year getting a little more fermented and complex and wise whacky creatures.
Thank you for every 3rd of January love you give me. I’m aware it is the most poorly planned day of the year to be born but I guess I’m just that stubborn. Capricorn you see.
I’m always so amazed to have friends and family travel on this random day of the year, I’m always so grateful to have fans send messages and videos and voice notes and birthday letters. I truly truly appreciate you all and can’t believe how lucky I am to have you following and joining this journey.
See you when I’ve probably had too many martinis on InstaStories later.
Happy 3rd Y’all. Have an awesome day, pop open the bubbles!