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"I would describe my style as completely different every day. I love color. I love being bold. I’m excited by change and by shocking people."

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Happy Birthday Florence

Today is Florence Pugh day and a big happy birthday to her.

This puppy turns 26 today. Another lap around the sun. Another day to wear FANTASTIC CHUNKY SHOES.
My older sister told me last night, “it just gets better and better”, I remember that not really meaning much when I was younger. But it is magical how with each year you grow you actually begin to slow, speed up again, slow down again, soften, understand your brain, understand your anxieties, understand why you are the way that you are and just slowly begin to be okay with it.
26 years of an unbelievable amount of incredible special people who have taught me, loved me, educated me. Some still here, some not.
We are made of all the things and places and people and art and movies and books and scripts and songs and food and shoes (personal one ;)… each year getting a little more fermented and complex and wise whacky creatures.
Thank you for every 3rd of January love you give me. I’m aware it is the most poorly planned day of the year to be born but I guess I’m just that stubborn. Capricorn you see.
I’m always so amazed to have friends and family travel on this random day of the year, I’m always so grateful to have fans send messages and videos and voice notes and birthday letters. I truly truly appreciate you all and can’t believe how lucky I am to have you following and joining this journey.
See you when I’ve probably had too many martinis on InstaStories later.
Happy 3rd Y’all. Have an awesome day, pop open the bubbles!

“Father Of The Bride Part 3 (ISH)”HD Screen Captures

25 years after the last movie came out, the cast got together with a ton of new grown up family members to make a special virtual movie to help the World Central Kitchen!. Florence has joined the the short movie as Megan the baby of the family and they are all getting together for the surprise wedding of Matty Banks over zoom that is. The short movie did come out in 2020 but you can still donating by you can by clicking here! to help out. Not only can you find the HQ Screen captures in the gallery but you can watch the full short below as well.

Hailee Steinfeld on working with Florence Pugh

EW – A lot happened in the most recent episode of Hawkeye, so EW asked series star Hailee Steinfeld (who plays the young archer Kate Bishop) about it all.

The role of Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) on the show has been teased ever since the post-credits scene in Black Widow, but she finally made her entrance in last week’s episode. On Wednesday’s installment, Yelena came back for a long sit-down with Kate. For a show that has mostly consisted of either fun action scenes or two-handed banter between Kate and Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), this mac-and-cheese meal was a refreshing change of pace.

“The minute I knew that she was gonna be a part of the show, I was very excited. I am a huge fan of Florence and her work,” Steinfeld says. “At that point, it had been me and Jeremy the whole time, so I was ready for some Florence Pugh. That scene in particular was so fun. There’s a lot of layers. It’s always exciting to dig into a scene like that. When you first read it, you laugh, there are points that you love and connect to. But when you really get into it you understand that there’s a deeper meaning to this very fun scene that has a lot of great banter between these two really awesome characters.”

Steinfeld continues, “I just remember being so impressed by Florence. She had a great understanding of Yelena and where Yelena falls in this moment. She’s been given a task, and she has made it very clear she will stop at nothing to achieve this task. There’s Kate simply trying to understand where she’s coming from, because she’s not willing to accept Yelena’s thoughts on Clint. These are two people who are just trying to protect the thing that they love. In that, they sort of find this connection to each other.”

Olivia Wilde Explains Why She Was So Nervous Filming Her Movie With Harry Styles And Florence Pugh

cinemablend – The movie may be called Don’t Worry Darling, but Olivia Wilde was anxious nonetheless.

Olivia Wilde doesn’t seem like an anxious person to me. The actor has always been a bastion of cool, and her dry wit is present in nearly every interview she conducts. In addition, she knocked the ball out of the park with her directorial debut Booksmart, a feat that many a film student would kill for. So it may surprise fans to find out that, when it came to the production of her second film Don’t Worry Darling with Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde was a bit on edge.

Olivia Wilde was the latest celebrity to grace the cover of Vogue, and the accompanying interview touched on everything from her mother’s career as a journalist to the decidedly cheeky art gracing the walls of her Los Angeles home. Ahead of the release of her second directorial venture Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde revealed that she’d originally been quite nervous to begin filming. She explained:

“If you can make a comedy that works, you tend to stay in that world, because it can be incredibly lucrative… Sophomore slump is a real thing… [I asked Jordan Peele] ‘How terrifying was it to make your second film?’ And he said, ‘Oh, so terrifying, so much scarier than the first.”

The dreaded sophomore slump can indeed be a major source of anxiety for any artist, but even more so for a celebrity who’s constantly in the public eye. Olivia Wilde’s teen comedy Booksmart was extraordinarily well-received, but her success guaranteed that her next project would be inspected under a microscope. A similar phenomenon happened to Jordan Peele when Get Out became a huge hit. His follow-up Us was thankfully acclaimed by fans and critics alike, but dodging the sophomore slump is easier said than done.

Olivia Wilde is also jumping genres. While Booksmart was undoubtedly a heartfelt comedy, Don’t Worry Darling seems to be a stylish, moody thriller. With the tonal shift comes higher expectations: critics and audiences tend to expect more from dramas. After all, no one walks into a new buddy comedy in the hopes of viewing a cinematic masterpiece. But a film by Chloé Zhao or Denis Villenueve is another matter entirely.

Another facet of the obsession with Don’t Worry Darling: the inclusion of Harry Styles. Olivia Wilde has been dating the British pop star for the majority of 2021, and the fact that he stars in her next film was quickly noted by media outlets and bloggers. Combine the hype for another Wilde film with the IRL romantic side plot, and voila: a perfect storm of public scrutiny.

All things considered, Olivia Wilde seems to be handling her transition from actor to director fairly well, and she even got into a happy relationship in the process. Whether Don’t Worry Darling lives up to the hype remains to be seen, but anticipation is high.

Don’t Worry Darling won’t hit theaters until September 23, 2022

Hawkeye “1×06 – So This Is Christmas?” HD Screen Captures

On Wednesday it was the series finale of Hawkeye it feel’s like the show only stared last week how crazy is that. The episode is called 1×06 – So This Is Christmas? and we got not only more of the great team of Yelena and Kate and the two just being comedy gold for all there parts but the big Clint vs Yelena fight as well and my god did it have me crying when he did the whistle to her and just her face so so sad, they come to a kind of truce in the end and Yelena go’s I guess to see New York as that is the last we see of her. I don’t no when she will pop back up in the MUC but I hope its soon and I hope it’s with Kate. Full HD Screen Captures and episode stills from the episode are up in the gallery

Yelena Hawkeye Posters

On top of the new featurette Marvel as well released a new poster of Yelena and a full cast one to complete all the character posters in Hawkeye that have been coming each week. Both have new promo photos of Florence in them and I hope we get to see more down the road as I want that shoot.

Yelena’s Back Hawkeye

Marvel have released a new featurette about Yelena coming to Hawkeye. The featurette has two little interviews with Florence and some on set footage from the last episode and her fighting Clint. Screen captures from it are up in the gallery and you can watch it below.

Hawkeye “01×05 – Ronin” HD Screen Captures

A new episode of Hawkeye came out on Wednesday and we got a lot more Yelena content in the episode. The episode starts with a skip back to 5 years ago and Yelena taking to save a Black Widow but all was not what it seemed there and we got to find out and see that Yelena was one of the people who was snapped away and her asking for Nat when she came back killed me. Moving on Yelena broke into Kate’s home and so begins one of the best parts of the show so far with Yelena being the absolute cute but bad ass she is and kate just going with it, I hope we get to see them two working together down the road. The episode ends with Yelena sending Kate who hired her and that Kate should known. The series finale is next week and looks like we will have Yelena vs Clint part 2. Full HD Screen Captures from the episode are up in the gallery

Welcome To Adoring Florence Pugh /

Welcome to Adoring Florence Pugh, your newest fansite dedicated to the extremely talented and just lovely Florence Pugh. I have been working on this site for well over 2 months now and after getting things together I can at last open to you amazing lot.

The gallery currently has over 9,825 photos in it, with a lot of the parts like Public Events complete, some of her TV shows are done, I still need to work on her Movies as i am missing a ton of them but I am working on that. I have made a start on all the info the site need’s and I will be working on all the info/media/site info in the coming weeks.

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I hope you all enjoy the site as much as I had fun making it and running it, it’s been a labour of love for me these last months and I look forward to what will happen with Florence and the site in the years to come.

Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” World Premiere

Florence made her first event since July at the Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” World Premiere in New York City on December 05th. She looked amazing with her now short brown hair and long coat that she could not stop talking about on IG the day after. You can find over 150HQ photos from the event up in the gallery right now and I hope we get to see more events from Florence soon.

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